Monday, February 7, 2011

this is boring -.-

*"repairing" english grammar+vocabulary in progress*

Dearest Bloggie,
   A promise is a promise.Like I said when it's February,no more Facebook for me.I know lately,i've been so confusing saying that i'll will only go online when i'm in holiday.But truthfully,if i dont stop now,means i'll never stop going online for facebook.Means,more online,less revision,less revision equals to failing in exam.Is that what you want afiq !!? seriously,my SPM result is more important than facebook silly notifications.What about my blog,should I stop blogging ? ,no i don't think so,but perhaps,I can use my blog as a daily journal for my studies.

I know facebook has become an addiction to me,not only because it help people to connect with friends,but it also let people to meet new friends on the net,and i know beating this addiction is not easy,and so,I think I'll make myself busy by getting myself active in sports,plus I could really use some sports,cuz my stamina is decreasing.

Now,what else ??,
O' yes about my SPM target,for the moment,I'm targetting at least 7A's and that is:

  • BM [+]
  • BI [+]
  • PI [+]
  • MATH
  • ADD MATH [-]
  • TEORI EE [-]

Well,how about other subject ?
I'm targetting at least B+ . . .

-Truthfully,I already set in my diary to score a "perfect straight A's for my SPM" .
But,I'm not ready yet,& so I'll just better start slowly,and then go for the straight A's later on.

straight A's !!!

Well,I have to go now,wishing all the best to SPM 2011 candidate,until then,please do take care :)

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Fred said...

haha,..nice english.. sory jarang2 komen d post..asyik2 kw jer yg rajin mengomen.. hehe.. thnks for the komen jor..