Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm so Happy !!

Assalamualaikum & Hello Peeps !

" What seems to be hopeless actually can be something you never expected "

Firstly , I would like to thank to our 1st speaker last year , SNAAPH ...

thnks sbb datang jenguk bebudak tadi , and because of that , i guess the junior dah kena 


lol , terus hebat plak , terus bleh jawab P.O.I and deliver dengan confident tuu..haha..

" thank you "
eceh , sengal plak onion nie..huhu

and secondly , thanks to the juniors la..

sebab korang dah berubah...dah confident...can answer the P.O.I question..
thank you :)

and not to forget to all the teachers that helped us....
thank you so much for not giving up on us...
" thank you teachers "
emotional la

i guess this is going to be an interesting journey...especially for the juniors..

ChAiYo !!!

*supporter* ~haha -.-

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