Friday, April 29, 2011

Sambung Belajar ( Part I

Assalamualaikum & Hello there people =)

Ok,so post kali nie agak..... " matang " ckit kot..haha,nevermind..lets start..ok,so tadi jalan2 kat facebook,bnyk la iklan promosi IPT2 nie...that's the problem..x taw nk pilih mane satu.. -_- , and so,i was thinking..kalau aku amik TESL nnt...probably,akan jadi cikgu...and would like to find jobs di luar negara...but then,computer programming pun another option..and EE engineering pun not so bad...

-__- , haizz...TESL , Programming , EE Engineering . . which one ??
ok , here's the option:

TESL - minat , easy to pass (i guess) , calculation kurang , lol..

Programming - sgt minat , bnyk calculation -_-

EE engineering - minat .. jobs oppurtunity luasssss !!! haha 


TESL kot , so " dua2 " pun cikgu...hahaha -_-

~ SEKIAN , post pendek ... -_- ~

* Part 2 menyusul lps SPM =) *


SimplySeoul said...
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SimplySeoul said...

TESL is not an easy and never been easy. TESL plus Edu is a lot harder. I have the same exactly sentiment before. But it changed drastically after I, me, myself taking TESL. The analysis for English language is not a joke man. Rasa macam mau pitam belajar Syntax, Morphology.

You're not like going to belajar karangan ka, finish comprehension ka, speaking-speaking ka...NO.

...and believe me, when you insya allah became a TESLian, you don't want other people to say it as an easy thing.

Speaking, Writing and Analysing are 3 different worlds.

Just an opinion (or more like a stand) I would like to share...I was in SMTeknik b4 as a substitute teacher. Miss that school. All the best in your schoolhood.