Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is LIFE !

Hey there..

It's the end of April now..tinggal 6 bulan je lagi , or 200 days to be precise...come to think of it..tak lama lagi aku akan bergelar lepasan SPM..dalam kata lain..i'm no longer a secondary school student..dan bila masa tu tiba..semua kenangan waktu sekolah menengah , sekolah rendah and also tadika akan disimpan dalam satu kotak dalam kepala aku..ceh,ayat tu , xD...but seriously,where will i go... ? come to think of it..i'm going to leave my family soon...waktu tunggu result tu..aku nak kerja , or ambik lesen kete ke or even worse , dpt PLKN ? 

i dont even know why,i post this thing..maybe it's a fact that i'm not ready yet to leave my school , my parents , my friends here..eventhough,skola nie mmg bnyk kenangan yang tersangat la _______ .
and tadi waktu sekolah,i realized that..bnyk juga cikgu2 yang ambil berat kat aku..bnyk jgk cikgu back-up aku bila "cikgu tu" buat kecoh...and some even called me their "cintaku"..hahaha...i've changed,i guess...from the very first day that i learned how to read ABC,"bermanja2 ngan mak" (hahaha) , budak yang cepat gelabah (haha) , the broken hearted feeling that i felt and was devastated for months T_T..

~ and I realized that,whatever happens in life,it will all pass soon,and will always remain as a memory for the rest of your life ~

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