Sunday, July 17, 2011

i just dont get it . . .

saya tak faham and mmg tak faham . . 

i thought u love ur ex so much that u did'nt even care leaving me . . 

the truth is , i never gave up on you , it's you who gave up on me . . 
it was never about breaking up with you
it was just a misunderstanding . 

i'm still trying to move on , and it's freaking hard . 
and bila kawan2 tanya  psl Ms A lagi , -____-
it's hard . . 

the fact is , i just dont get it , sometimes it's about mr.s , and now . . 
why r u doing this ?
i just dont get it . . 


FatimahZahra said...

awww have u tried talking to her about this ?
girls are really complicated, it's hard to understand them but as for me i think its best if u just ask her straight away, she may have her own reason for what had happened.

Fred said...

tok sah pikir dulu la.. yg pnting excel dlu pok..

Mohd Afiq said...

@faz : it's just too hard to explain