Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is My Raya's story

Assalamualaikum and Hello there human beings on earth .

Well , it's been awhile since my last update . How are you doing guys , how's ur hari raya this year ?
Well , for me , i guess , this time it's more merrier than ever . . .
Who knows , that i actually got a lot , LOT of cousin that i never meet before .

Anyway , the sound of that bloody "mercun" is really annoying and still am going . . .
With the bang-bang sound , i can't hardly sleep , still , there's no point sleeping early anyway , it's Hari Raya right ? i might just enjoy the night with the beautiful pelita lamp around the neighbourhood .

Well , this year , i guess , i really enjoyed Hari Raya so much , since my father just bought the house next to my grandparent house , so i can easily eat my grandma special rendang anytime i want , then i can go back home , hahaha , and the rest goes on and on .

Other than that , we sure do have a lot of people coming for raya this year , and i mean a LOT , until there are times , when i just sit there and listen to the elders talking , and of course it was fun , but sometimes , it get really weird and awkward , and i'm not that such a social person , so , i just ask for excuse (not really , lol) and head to my room . Since my brother is here for hari raya , he introduce to me a MMO game called DragoNest . And it's freaking addicting , -.-  fortunately , "our" laptop was'nt designed for gaming , so , the gameplay was really slow and it sucks , i got bored but still play the game until the guest leaves home , i know , just smile :)

Also , tomorrow is the 3rd Raya right , i guess , i'll just have to force myself , i got a lot of homework to get done and memorizing to do , not to mention , i'm going to KK soon for the usahawan muda competition , while everybody was struggling to prepare for SPM , i'm still busy getting myself involve in this competition , the good thing is , the accomodation is a high-class hotel , hahaha , and only 5 schools participate in the comp. -.- yeahhh , no saingan , xd

i need an AlienWare laptop , real BAD , :?( arghh ! 

( baru taw , tanda soal blh jd hidung dlm emoticon , haha -.- )

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