Monday, September 26, 2011

Chemistry vs Mathematic

Assalamualaikum and Hello there ,

da lama x update blog , i know , blog nie dah bersarang dengan loneliness , so silent , sitting in a corner of billions of blog full with their daily updates , SPM is 48 days away , i'm busy as always , actually busy pun bukan sbb study , sy main game , busy leveling up ._.

Anyway , today since hari nie ada subjek kimia , maka saya ingin complain sikit ttg skema pemarkahan  kimia , but please dont blame me , for i am a person who is really bad at chemistry , and was hoping that i can pass at least with a C !!! the problem is , marks for one question tersangat la sikit , mmg kimia la jgk yang paling -.-

You see , kita balance chemical equation and hafal cas ion2 yang bnyk , (BNYK !) tapi ada salah sikit , peluang nak survive tu mmg payah arr , and mmg sangat mengecewakan -.- WHY !!!!!! kenapa evil sgt !!!

Tapi berbeza dgn math , it's fun to do the calculation , plus markah yang diberi sangat berbaloi :) , maka saya sangat suka dgn math , x la jgk terrer sgt , tapi mmg minat :)

And that's why , saya lbh suka Math berbanding Kimia , plus kalau kimia , saya perlu hafal eksperiment2 yang tersangatla bnyk , and yang sgt menjengkelkan , kekadang kat gambar rajah eksperimen , dea tunjuk ada 2 bahan , but lps bahan nie bertindak dgn bahan tu , maka terhasil la benda baru , but how the heck do i know kalau benda nie jumpa benda tu maka terhasil la benda nie , i mean what the -- - -  , i mean how the heck -.- , the only answer that you'll get is , baca buku , but . . . nevermind -.-

the conclusion is , without chemistry , people today will not be able to create chemical substance such as skin care prouduct , or food stabilizer , etc

but without mathematic's , people would not be able to do calculation to calculate how much is needed so that it's safe for humans to use that much of chemical substance

So , no matter what , kita kena la jugak kuasai dua subjek nie -.-

sekian , TC people :)

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