Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So far so not good. . .

As-salam ,

So far not so good i guess...people will usually say , "so far so good" . . but not me i guess . .
After all this time , going to extra classes , if my results are not okay , maybe certain people will surely kill themselves , by what i mean of course is in term of hiperbola . .

I'm not sure how many A's i can score , as you can see , calculation isn't really my thing , dont even talk about getting an A , who knows what could happen in SPM !!

Two subjects left which is LK and EE theory  , soon enough , i'll be finishing this SPM examination !!!
No more pressure ! I'm growin up so fast xD , oh dear =.=

Who knows what might happen in the future , lets just hope for the best . .

" SPM is a thing , but its not everything " - Mr.K 

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