Wednesday, November 30, 2011

soon enough

So , ramai gila bebudak ST post kat fb , twitt , etc , mengisytiharkan bahawa mereka sudah officially lepasan SPM 2011 . Oh yeah ~

But not for me , still have two papers left . Even aku nie yg blom merdeka lagi , boleh rasa diorang punya aura of happiness mcm nk meletup . Seriously , aku pun ikut excited gak , =.= haha . The feeling of freedom !! Oh my , such a great feeling eh , no worries afiq , soon enough , kita pun akan merdeka jgk ! haha

So , talking about merdeka , on 14 december nnt , which is my last paper , is also the night of farewell party . Tapi it's more than that , it's big , a lot of people comin , and it's gonna be fun for sure . So , i was wonderin' , nak pakai baju apa ? perhaps all grey or black ? 

Habis paper je nanti right at 12:45 PM , surely everbody is goin out to buy their own dress . On that day , i have plan to make a video for my special update , ya ! Perhaps i'll leave Rasyid in charge , and be responsible for taking pictures instead .

I guess that's all for this midnight update , take care and drive safe xD

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