Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nothing to do

Nothing to do . Bored , bored , bored . So, today , i decided to spend time with my friends , mcm farewell party la , except we do it with gaming . Yeah , gaming all day long , like monkey climbing trees non-stop with super velocity .

So , here's a checklist on whos going back soon ::

Rasyid (leaving today)
Syaffiq (leaving on saturday)
Saysha (leaving on 14.11.2011)
Azmie (leaving this month or january)
Fred (Err , this friend is always busy , so yeah -.- )

So , i'm all alone now , so bored . . because of that , i've decided to do something productive , like going to the library this saturday and find some interesting books , don't know if i can finish them though , cuz i'm done with reading , LOL . Who knows , maybe i'll find someone special in the library xD . 

Wanna play a game called "continue or die" on facebook ? its not an app , you just go to someone's profile on facebook , and start a word . For example , 

You : Hi
Stranger : hi you
You : will
stranger : go
you : to
stranger : heaven
you : and get struck by lighting before you could reach there ...

lol , i don't even know why , i did this , i'm bored , sorry people , SORRY !!! -_-

*any activity suggestion for my two weeks holiday would be much appreciated*

oh yeah , check this out , a friend of mine show it to me , i just don't know what to say , xDDDD

compare to this
(play both video)

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Fred said...

Dragonboyzz.. indonesian band boy..they were like a korean wanna be..