Thursday, December 15, 2011

Special Update

*warning , aku xtaw brapa patah kata , ianya mgkin memboringkan , scroll bwh skali utk direct pictures :p*

As-salam , hey y'all , how r u doing ? good ? glad to know that . So , officially bersamaan dengan 14 December 2011 , pada pukul 12:45 PM ++ , saya officially bergelar lepasan SPM 2011 , and i felt like screaming "merdeka" !!!! xD

Lol , it was such an excitting feeling , because of that , i was unable to sleep the night before due to the excitement that i'm feeling . Nak merdeka la sangat , since bnyk bdk lain da lama merdeka dr SPM , haha -_-

So , here's the story , walaupun aku da merdeka dari skola nie , da bebas dari perarturan skola nie , but i kinda miss the school already . Eventhough , it was tough surviving here , but it taught me a lot about life lesson , discipline and everything .

At first , before registering in this school , i taught , "hey this school is not that different from my old one " , but only to realize that , it's WAY a LOT MORE DIFFERENT !! I never knew that this school is so strict with it's rules and all , i even felt like dropping out from this school in the early month . Believe me , you think i'm overeacting ? nope , i'm serious .

It was tough you know , since i had to live with my grandparents in form 4 , and had to bear my kerinduan to my parents and my siblings . Everynight , wew , i wish time would go faster , and i can get out from this school .

Don't get me wrong , living with my grandparents was great , it's just that , sometimes , when i have a bad day at school , there's no one to talk to , so , i can only keep the problem to myself .
To make it worst , i have to go to a barber shop every two weeks , just to cut my hair , school rules . When i ask why , it's because , school authority afraid that if , our hair gets too long , might got stuck in a machine or sumthin and kill us .

What really piss me was , our course didn't use a lot of machine as we're only studying through EE's theory , we do use machine such as an oscilloscope but it did'nt involve any cutting and stuff , anyway ...

So , i met new friends here , mostly from far places such as Johor , Selangor , Sarawak , and also other region in Sabah . Months have passed , and i'm getting used to living alone and be independent  with myself . Although , sometimes i really miss my parents so much , and felt like screaming and rebelling (lol) . There are times , when i get too lonely at home , i just lay down and stare at the sky like a "Mat Jenin" .

It did help a little bit , and soon enough , i learn a few skills such as giving a haircut to my grandpa . Since , grandpa doesn't like to go to the barber shop anymore , so he decided i should gave him a haircut instead . At first , it was horrible , lot of holes , it wasn't smooth , some places are too short , while other part of the hair is just too . . . . you get the point . . Times goes by , i did manage to improve the skills , lol . .

Since i decided that i should be more active in school curriculum , i join a lot of school activities and you know what , i like it cause i can go to different places and meet new chicks (lol,JK) . But not long after that , teachers have been complaining about me not getting into class , as i was too active and had to spend most of my time training , my grades were dropping too !!! eventhough i manage to get top three , it was a mess -__- .

It was the end of the year , and i become close with a friend , who is also a debater , named Rasyid . We're like brothers as you can see , competitive in every thing  , academic , school activity , etc . We're both in the same course , so whenever there's an activity , i would drag him along as i don't want to get blame by myself , especially when it's KAT month . Back in form 4 , me , rasyid , ika and kak lyza , well i guess one of the best debate team in our school history besides the legendary abang haizat and kak azryn . Not to brag about it ppl , dont get me wrong --

And it was all good in form 4 , everything was stable , i manage to get used living independently and stuff . Without realizing it , i was already in form 5 . Wew ~ , the legendary examination , the SPM , every form 5 students have to face it >< .

Compared to last year and this year , i'm more active this year in school activities , and take a note here , please don't be too active , unless you're one super genius kid and you're excellent managing ur time , and you don't have facebook xD . I get 91+ in my CGPA ? haha , rasyid 98 .

I skipped a lot of classes , and stuff , it was the worst thing that could happen to me , and i was determined to stop myself . It was the WORST THING in MY LIFE , u HEAR me pra-from 5 children !! NEVER EVA !!!~~ leave class juz bcoz u have some training to do , PERIOD . Above all , my grades were dying , especially the calculation ones and also chemistry . I SUCKS at chemistry !!! -.- darned it --''

So , everything was happening so fast , like my hearbeat beating for her , "can u feel my heartbeat - 2PM " ? (don't wanna delete that , xD) . A lot of things happen actually , learn to speak malay-chinese , ermm , become really close with my physic teacher , she was like my mom ! , and also become part of the UBK family , lol . i was a PRS , so yeah ~ haha

SPM comes , nobody expected it was gonna be this thrilling . It was a feeling of ,
freedom-soon+scared .
First it was BM (:D , BI (:D , SEJ (:D , MATH (:D , PI (:D , ADDMATH :] , FZK :] , CHE :( , LK :] , PKE :]

Ya , just don't wanna think about it . PLKN coming soon , great , another new experience comin right up ==''

 I'm gonna miss everything about this school , and it'll always have a place in my heart , friends and teachers , the memories , bitter and sweet , it doesn't matter , because that's what makes life's fun .

early in the morning
no ones here yet ...

the UBK hallways :(

Syaffiq Izzudin 

EE book , gonna miss u dude , :(

hmm , checking on the setting i guess ?

Salleh and PKA girls

last minute revision

after exam finish , 12:45PM :(

Rasyid & Azmie

going back home~

last walk @ vocational hallway (2011)
see you next year guys :]

*updated with video*

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