Monday, December 5, 2011


What a day . .

Oh yeah -__- , i'm alone again , no ones at home , but it's not really that bad , rumah grandpa kat sebelah je , so yeah ~ 

So here's what i do today :

i wake up early today , cause mom and ain plan to leave early . Before i realize it , everything was silent as a phone in silent mode . So , i take a bath and all , and decided to wear a yellow shirt today , not that i was planning to join any politics affair or anything *sigh* -___-

Then , open the laptop , baca berita kat mynewshub like usual , and i realize that , recently kes rape nie bnyk gila berlaku like everyday mcm2 headline la , bapa itu la , warga emas ini la , tiri itu lps tgk bola la and i was like what the f with this people !! this is surely "THE SIGN of the APOCALYPSE" !!

Then , lepas baca berita and all , i decided to spend time with my baby nikon . After that , prepare utk study LK , so bongkar sana sini cari set square , semua alat2 LK and i watch  youtube to refresh my memories back . The truth is , LK wasn't my favourite subject although it is one interesting subject .

Then i got really2 bored , so i decided to go to rumah atok . So , since there's no one to play with and talk to , i ask atok a lot of silly questions like "atok pandai ckp jepun x ? " or " wanna buy my phone ? "(i'm trying to make money here , lol)" . Atok was like , "pegi main jauh2 " . A note to point out , tv1 is my atok favourite channel , THE ONE AND ONLY CHANNEL HE WATCH !!

To tell you the truth , last year , when i was staying with atok , i have to endure many things like "watch NG everyday , berita everynight !! , the katun budak2 show " and many more . But , in the end , i know a lot about animals stuff , hahaha .

And now it's 9:16 PM , my body is tired as a monkey flying with a rocket plus eating a rotten banana.
Also , tomorrow is the day for LK paper ! i "cannot" wait -__-

Lastly , a song to wrap up the post :) enjoy

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