Saturday, March 31, 2012


Today was the same . It's just that , today maybe the last day that i'll go to teach those juniors for KAT 2012 . Yes, it's about debate again , and i'm never gonna stop talking about that thing , lol , i've stated that word here for , i don't know . Maybe around 60 times . Nevermind that .

Anyway , i'm in the process of maybe , getting my driver license , it's just that , i don't know for how long it's gonna takes . If , IF ! it's gonna takes more than 3 month ! than *tut* it ! i don't wanna take it .I might as well just find some job and saves some money . 

The intake for IPTA's is in July , while for foundation programmes is in May . I just hope that i can get in , the problem is , the only University , (goverment that is) , that offer more programmes is UiTM . Furthermore , it's hard to get in as many students are applying for the instituition . For instance , students that are needed to apply one course is set to 40 students . Okay ?! , but the number of application that they receive is more than 200 , so , the competition is quite high .

i also applied at IPG , but first i've to get through the interviews , if i passed , then i'll be eligible to enter the institution . I applied for English & History subjects . At least that what i'll be teaching after i graduate . I just hope that i'll get the english one .

Anyway , i guess that's todays update .
#Don't blame me , you did this , i never leave you , you bail on me  -.-

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