Saturday, April 14, 2012

# 276 Awesome DAY !

A-W-E-S-O-M-E  D-A-Y  E-V-E-R ! ! ! 

Peace be upon you and hi 


Oh yeah! , another awesome day of the awesomeness , alhamdulilah :)

Ok , first thing first . . hari nie sesuatu benda yang i guess , quite interesting , cause you don't see such thing in your everyday life . At least , at today's enviroment , with war happening , the greediness of human beings on taking other people's right , self-fish-er , etc , i guess not so much .


I was with Rasyid this morning , so we went to Tabung Haji , well i needed to withdraw some cash out . While we're waiting for our turn , we observe the surroundings . We're bored . Then not long after that , came this dude , with two ladies by his side , i guess his mom and sister . By the looks of it , it seems like , the dude is trying to open a Tabung Haji account . And so , just another ordinary guy , nothing special , a normal day situation . Until . . . . . . sorang pacik nie , i guess , da lama sgt kot dia tunggu turn dia , so he fall asleep , without realizing that duit syilingnya yg tersangat la bnyk , terjatuh dari pangkuan dea , thus causing a massive waterfall of cents sound .


People start looking at the pacik , as the pacik helplessly help himself collect the cents . The pacik is in a deep embarrassment moment , until the dude came in to aid the pacik . The world is saved again , thnks to this dude . He was a young man actually , and dalam era skang nie , bukan senang nak jumpa bebudak muda yang sanggup tolong especially dalam kes mcm nie . The man bent his knee on the floor , collecting the cents , and the pacik is saved from long period of embarrassment.


Moral of the story : Don't be afraid/embarass to do something that is right .

+my phone camera suddenly works back again , like seriously , tetiba , yeay ! , awesome xD

Also , today is the last 2nd day . i'll be with my juniors !!!! I gonna miss them so much , all the hardwork , hope they can bring back the trophy this year . Esok last , and then no more debating , no more . . . . .

this dude hates kpop . But today , he wore something that resemble a kpop style , thus i give him the
name of K-pop boy  , which make him really mad , LOL xD (yeah , awesome xD)

this is me , with my junior debaters , taking a picture , with me smiling like a
i'm so awesome mood (LOL xD)

and this is Rasyid , one of the "teachers" that also teach debate to this children
-won best speaker award last year (1st round)-

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