Monday, April 9, 2012

# 275 Driver License


Okay , i'm back in business . After a few days of so called "vacation" , lol , i'm back with another new dilemma . It's about "Driver License" . Yes , you read it correctly , Driver License . Dad have been asking me , " When are you going to get your driver license son ? " .

Lol , i haven't register yet , -__- , i need to do it soon enough , don't want to get caught up between my study time and at the same time , taking Driving Lessons . I'm just busy , or am I ?

The problem is , i need to refresh back what i've learned about driving . Holding the steering wheel the right way , and especially on changing gears . I still remembered on how i almost got my father and brother killed when i hold the steering wheel .

We're doing a driving practice up in a hill . To make it easy for you , high grounds . Yeah , it's all in the name of "Extreme Driving Lesson" . The incident happen when i "accidentally" drive onto a puddle , the puddle was deep by the now , and therefore making the steering wheel go wild and almost got us killed . 

I lost control of it , Dad and Abg Khai was screaming " BRAKKKEEE AFIQQQ !!!!!" , and i managed to hit the brake on time . The car was just a few inches away from falling off the cliff . From that moment , it leaves a huge trauma for especially when driving . Yeah , it was an epic memories for me actually . 

But guess what ? my brother already got his license last year , and so , I ALSO HAVE TO GET MY DRIVING LICENSE . If i register next week , will sure to update about it , if no updates regarding driving , means  NOT YET okayyy ??!! .

I guess that's all , sincerely Afiq Dulmi .

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