Monday, April 23, 2012

#279 Too many account

Ok , i'm going to try make this one short and fast .


Too many account ! yes ! i have too many account on the interent !!! Facebook , Twitter , Myspace (lol , this one is very legend) , Tumblr , Blogspot :) , Flickr , Dragon Nest Sea , Dofus , SAYS ,etc !!!!

I got too many accounts , and i often forget the password, which is one , it can be so annoying at times , because now i have to reset the password and think of a new one . I'm not that kind of person that just give random easy password , like "Bulan" , "Matahari" , or any other kind of random easy password . Making an account is not about , just  buat account tu , but you have to make sure it's protected and no one will have the chance to abuse your private information (ceh) ~

What i'm saying is , the internet is just full of random entertainment everyday , thus leading to many cybercrime such as hacking , phishing , viruses , etc . .Really dangerous ooh , -___-

Moral of the post : Use strong password , be safe :)

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