Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#280 Waiting . . Again

Assalamualaikum :)
Wah , lama gila tak update blog . I have my reasons . Anyway , it's the time to think about da future !


Yes , skang nie musim orang sambung study , especially batch SPM 2010 . Which also include me .___. First of all , aku tak dapat IPTA , nor Matrikulasi , nor MAKTAB T^T . Padahal , aku nak sangat masuk maktab , nak jadi cikgu , ajar budak2 kecik comel , haha . Yeah , i like kids , it's a natural thing about me , which is so perfect if i want to be a teacher .

But sadly , mungkin bukan rezeki aku jadi cikgu . So , now what ? I'm pursuing my other passsion , which is IT . Yes people , aside from being an english teacher , aku nak juga jadi seorang yang pakar dalam bidang IT . I'm taking IT , because it cover the whole topic of technology , at least that's what i think . Do enlightened me if i'm wrong T^T . It's the only way , for me to use it as a platform to choose what i really like and interested in the world of IT , such as computers , mobile technology , animation , etc .


Harap2 sume berjalan lancar , i'm going to make a fresh start . I'm tired of doing something i didn't like . I guess taking electrical engineering is a mistake . The truth is , i don't have much passion in the world of electrical engineering . It's interesting , but it's too much for me . I don't know , maybe it was a mistake , i just dont't know .

Nevertheless , i'm going to make a new fresh start , soon enough , i'll be moving to my brother place , continuing my life journey in IIC . Hope everything's gonna go smoothly , please pray for me . More updates in the future , insyaAllah :)


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