Wednesday, June 6, 2012

# 281 Awkwardness


Its been a while , i'm busy with my new life , which is , starting to get used to the college life . I'll be attending my class officially on 11/06/12 . I'm still in the orientation week , which is now , the second week of and tomorrow is the last day . Hooray ! no more talks ! no more sitting for hours and act like i understand every word the lectures trying to brief .

Todays rant will be about awkwardness . I'm sure everyone here have been in this situation . I for once , wish that i don't have to be in this situation for at least a day , i'll be really thankful . For the past of my 17 years life , (alhamdulilah , Allah has given me the chance to live until this day) , for once always caught up in this situation , no matter where i go , especially if it involves mingling in a bunch of people .


Arkk , tragik ! i seriously hate klu benda ni berlaku , everyone would be like "its not funny dude" , "wth , is he trying to say" , "i don't get the point" . . . T___T arkkkk , arkk

Therefore , to avoid this awkwardness spell , i have come with an idea , which is to stay close to the people that you are close with . What i notice is that , no matter how awkward the situation is , your friend will whether laugh , or said the truth directly , thus making the uncomfortable of the awkwardness moment , to disappear that quickly.


LOL , if that's logic enough for you , then good for you , if its not , just pretend you didn't read that .
Anyway , i'm quite excited to continue my studies in something that i'm interested with , yeay ! ^^

Hope everything's gonna be fine , stay with me dear , i can't wait to graduate and make my momma and pappa proud ^^  , JYEAHHH !!

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