Sunday, September 16, 2012

#284 Fell into Super Speed

Its been a while !!!

i don't want it to be this way , but I've just fell into super speed . . . it's quite a journey . .

I miss my family , i miss you , i miss my everything about home . .

Haizz . . I've so many assignment that needs to be done , yet i still have time to play games . . -___-

Dah masuk dua minggu lepas balik dari cuti , and yet , i still feel nothing , i feel nothing !!! everything is the same !

Is it normal for me to feel this way ? Should i rush and get everything done ? I don't even know what i'm trying to say -____- , i've just fell into super speed , and i don't know what's happening around me . . .

It's because i don't want to give hopes on something that i'm not really sure of , whether i can trust you or not to be really serious in this relationship . . .

It hurts , but it's for the best . .


Fred said...

relax dude. jgn tension.

Anonymous said...

Afiq :) so, you already got a girl ha? It's good if you have to. Hm i mean i'm still not sure. Perhaps, would you pleasd post on you facebook if you are already taken with posting "yes i do" if not just post "no i don't" . Would you mind to? Because manymanymany thing wanna told you buy surely i'm not that brave enough. Btw, Thankyou fot read this and posting it :')