Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#285 Bullshit

Bullshit !

mcm shet !!! aaaa , for the 18 years of my life brother , although we always fight in something that sometimes may seems a little bit unmature , i'll never hurt you to the point where i'll punch you so hard until one of your tooth fall , or cause your eye to be blind .

bullshit , we always fight , we always compete in everything , your good at this , im good at this , one thing for sure , this is an endless fight , some people say its normal for siblings to fight , especially , when the elder one is a male , and the 2nd one is also a male .

Bullshit , right now i should enjoy my time , watching an epic anime , drinking and eating junk food , but because of this shit , all of that have been "postponed" !!!

This was suppose to be a good day , cuz i have no more exam , all that staying up late to study , blah blah ... never ending struggles is gone , for instance i just want to relax , we fight but , i would never even want to hurt you bro , you just should know that , we are big man now , to settle things through punching and shet , is not immature at all..

I'm still waiting for that day , where we still fight , but in a good way , in a healthy way , for all the things that happen in the past , i know you have been such  in hard times , taking that responsibility as a big brother ...

Why don't you hand some of that to me , and we'll work together to get through this full adventure journey in our life ...

For now , i don't know whats your plan , i may look like i hate you , but deep inside , i really respect you , and i understand that you have more experience in life than me , but it's just the fact that , sometimes , you act like you can handle all the shit by yourself ....

Where this often leads to fights , which is why sometimes, i don't know how to explain this situation..things just fucked up...sometimes really bad ! fuck everything ! im done with all this shet !

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