Friday, January 4, 2013

#287 Nowadays

Assalamualaikum n good morning to members of the floor

tifany eye smile for the comeback :D

Ok , i actually dont have any clue how to start a new post after hilang selama beberapa bulan , weeks maybe ?

As of my current situation , its my second semester , and i really messed up a lot.. -- , i missed some classes.. "some" isn't really the best word to describe it , should be A LOT -- , i know its wrong , but i don't know why , gosh ! dilemma is getting bullshitting these days , quite hard --

Ok , the truth is , i missed these 2 class for quite some times now , which is CO class or Computer Organization, i missed like 5 few class already , but i did attend 2 times , which is also bullshit , cause when i arrive at the scene , there was nothing , no lecturer nor student , or even a dammed white notice paper outside the class stating any its really bullshit , happen two times , so to conclude that , i dont go to this class cuz i got fed up is not really acceptable..

Next class is Usrah : Am I a Good Muslim ? No then for me , im an average muslim -- , aku pun x taw pasai pa aq x msk kelas ni , da dkt sebulan kot == , warning letter for sure , danng ! Today , which is now , im going ! I WILL GO to this CLASS !!! i hope so @@

Other shit, well nothing really interesting , except im getting so imba in a online MMPORG game called Dragon Nest , if you've been following my blog , i did state something about DN before..
And i spend most of my time there , living online , which is why im a forever alone guy now , at least these days --

Hmmmm , wat else ?? other 3 classes are good , im going ,and i enjoyed it...i guess..and i finally released my craving for maggie , Oh My it taste so good to be able to eat maggie again... -- its weird i know , but i havent eaten the thing for like months , since i've just returned from my 1st semester break..

Well loook at you now Afiq ,your a survivor , 2nd sem student now ,i really hope i dont get fked up this sem , -- this is after all , baru je sem 2 , xkkan nk mess up like really bad --

Oh2 !! and also , da start belajar coding , best gilakk ! interesting like shet , sampai kat kelas tadi pun "me gusta" , thinking the possibilities i can do with the coding knowledge that i can apply on my blog , uuuuu ~ :D , baru basic , masih noob lagi :D

forgive me for my grammar , im raging while typing all of this :D

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