Sunday, March 24, 2013

#289 New & Hungry

New & Hungry.

I just change my domain name , yeah...this has to do with DotA 2 , the name.
I play DotA2 a lot these days , well i used to..meh , not this game , but after my brother recommend , and i must say , its quite fun, to kill time and hungry-ness. Im really hungry , T__T , check the maggie supplies , its out , no more.. dang !

Then check the reinforcement box my mother sends me ,also out of stock , no food ....
I wish theres something to cook now T^T  , living independently and hungry is hard...
I need to work , but im too lazy to find jobs around my neighbourhood , there's a lot of oppurtunities here , but... yeah , its my fault i guess..

About the new domain name (the URL) , why "lone ranger" ..well,to say honestly , i guess i have earned it ..and REALIZE IT , that i solo "almost" everything in life..

I walk alone , do stuff alone..its not that i don't have friend ,but the fact that , i do everything myself and i have trusted myself that i can do this better alone have made me a "lone ranger"...

I guess you can call me a " forever alone "  , i wont get offended , i hope so..depends on situations.. >:/

well , what else ? ? i'm doing good , nice carry marks...and just going to sit for the examination which is tomorrow :O , hopefully i can answer everything as smooth as it can be..

Cheers , FO signing out..

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