Monday, November 25, 2013

#291 Look at life


Here im again , another post to write.Its been like 6 weeks after the last post , and banyak benda berlaku,like a lot lot xD. I look at the dashboard , see what new post people have created , and then i was like , wow this girl is still "alive" , i mean she still blog in that kind of way.

Which makes me realize how fun blogging used to be , but now that i've gotten into a lot of things , well i barely have the time to write a new one , much likely to update daily. . . arghhh -___-

And also , im waiting for my semester 4 result , like please please please , pointer jgn la turun :( , like seriously please , just dont drop T__T. I heard a lot of seniors saying , if your pointer drop , you're fcked !!
And you know klu pointer drop mcm mn , nak naikkan balik , serious shit -.-

As i can remember , semester 4 is full with bullshit (bullshit mcm Anna Akana ckp :3) , group assignment ? most part i do it myself -.- , and then there this one time i skip class for 2 weeks cause im too fed up with the foreigners , so unreliable , all the burden on me , bullshit -.-

anna akana :D

Ahh , but then again , its over , syukurla . . . . .

 I only got 2 days left before i return back to kl T__T , cepatnya cuti habis , bgitu la kolej ni , cuti kejap sgt , haizz. Oh yea, about the title , look at life , i realize that ive been missing a lot of action from my old friends , back in the old days , like faz . . where is that kid now , like i've never talk to her anymore , syafiq , saysha , the old bald gang , where are they now . . kak liza , ika...

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