Saturday, January 11, 2014

#293 I feel like a jackass

7 January 2014 , was my birthday. Thank you everyone for those who wishes me , I appreciates it. This year birthday is different , it’s not the same as the year before , where I feel like , it’s just a normal birthday , as if it’s just a normal day.

Anyway , mom and dad are always the first to wish me ,  1day earlier that is . . .and usually mom will bake chocolate cake and then we will have a mini party with the family members. . . . I feel like I want to balik rumah right now. . . ;/

To strengthen the point , kelas sem ni smua boring. . .except for Database and Bussiness Communication. You don’t know how relief I am , to know that I got the same class with a Bangladesh girl . To tell you the truth , I’m really struggling on keeping up with the accent here in Semenanjung , like I still find it weird to speak each word by adding E at the end , like apE , kenapE , samE-samE ! its so..”uncomfortable” , which is why I don’t talk to most people here , cuz I mean like “do you want to feel my BAKUNESS POWER !”(nnt ckp formal sgt plak -.-) the most “uncomfortable word” would be “AWAK”. . .it’s like so “geli” everytime I use it , so please just use my name when we are conversing  , no offense . . . >.>

That girl goes to Database class with me, so it’s like I have a chingu from another class :D , and I can talk ! talk without using words that needed to add E at the end , cuz we are conversing in English ! :D yeah me! :D , hah

Anyway , that’s the not the main point of this post , its about the my birthday this year. Some unknown person send me a box of cupcake. This happen when I was sleeping, and then my housemate datang bawa the box and put on my belly ,I was like , defaq + mamai at that time , then I bangun , and tengok box . . .i was like ………okayyyyyy…….and then I look at my left side,  my bro also bought cake , moist cake that is , so it couldn’t be from my bro , then I ask my housemate , who give me this…they said , the sender identity can’t be revealed. . . BUT ! they told me that , its 2 girls riding a Proton Gen 2 car . . and I was like , what ??? the only friend that I know that got a car , is a nigga with a proton waja , and it’s a nigga !

Yaaa ! Chinca !!!?? I can’t even say thank you in person . . . and if your birthday comes , and I didn’t even know about it , I can’t even repay you , and I will ended up feeling like jackass. . . .i had to post that thank you status , cuz u might be among my friend list (who knows ?) , the not so best part is , the comments are too bitchy ? , so I might as well delete the status ,I really hope you see it . . .
Oh currently , im watching “The Heirs” , im on episode 15 now, this  drama , yahh ! too heavy la , the love story is like “kejap cinta , kejap emo , kejap suka balik . . .

Thank you again for those who wishes me , and those who forgot , :D             

best of luck this year , 2014 !!

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