Saturday, January 4, 2014

#292 TGS

I just realize I wrote Tong Gong Shill instead of Tae Gong Shil on my facebook. . .arkkk..

Well recently , I just finished a drama called Master’s Sun , and I’ve got to say , it was epic. I was so touched by the journey of each episode, though the production should use more music/OST, like I think there’s only 5 OST in this drama, and every time a sad scene comes to play , I keep hearing the same music all over again , and well…it’s not fun that way , but I like the OST of “memories” in this drama. . .

Dem feels , it sure bring those feels . . It took me 3 days to finish this drama , and hell yeah , I didn’t get enough sleep because I was rushing this drama , I want to see what happen next and all. . . and I guess what makes me love the heroine character is because . . . no matter how weird she is , the problem that she causes , its that attitude of Tae Gong Shill , she plays the character really well , that Tae Gong Shill has become a lovable character to me, unlike other Korean actress , whom they attract people by their pretty faces , but Tae Gong Shill , she’s just your average Korean girl , but she pull it off well , she manage to make the audience to put their attention on this girl. Korean Drama always gets me : /

My review about this drama , should be more OST , and that CEO should cry la , whenever sad scene come , only TGS try so hard 2 cry , but CEO man , trying 2 cry , but dem feels didn’t came out. If he DID manage to pull it off , wa maybe I cry a lot during this drama. . Korean Drama always gets me ;/ , now I don’t wanna leave this drama , I’m stuck with it . . .

At the end of each episode , they always advertise this “The Heirs” drama , I watch some eps , but I don’t feel it , I don’t feel it. . .no nigga , this drama aint giving me the feeling as Master’s Sun.... we need moar K drama like this. . 

TGS <3

p/s: im bored with DOTA , T__T

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