Thursday, October 9, 2014



i feel like shit everyday when i remember you. I remember you when im walking home , eating at macik kesian , going to 7e , everywhere i go , there's you . I try doing everything to forget you , fml

I just hope that you wont meet another asshole like me. I really did like you , but somehow i feel that we're not meant to be together.

You deserve someone much better than me. If you thought that , leaving you was the best thing that ever happened to you , then im glad you're happy.

im just so sorry for all that shits that i brought to you , for the past 5 years. i really am.

Take care Amirah Azizi , you're one of those wonderful people that i have met in life , be happy , and know that , you're one amazing person. Like seriously , you are.



Anonymous said...

take care afiq . i love you . lol abt finding another guy , no no Im not that hot . You r the one yg blind . For this past 5 yrs , I still tak tahu why lelaki ni keep on chasing me while other guy just turn their back on me . Mcm i ni worthless thing they ever see . Thanks for all those "good morning beautiful" msg , eventho I didnt deserved it . I guess this is your best desicion ever . One day you will thank yourself that you let me go . Just be happy afiq . Take chances . I love you .

Anonymous said...

I miss you.