Tuesday, March 1, 2016

#307 MAD

so this past few days , she has been ignoring me . I don't know what i did , but i feel like shes breaking up with me . I text her where are you , i miss you , is your phone broken and shit , she said , no , but then no more replies.

ignored. like literally , she has been ignoring me , i dont know if i upset her or anything , lets get real babe , i dont think i manja2 with any girls , i dont cheat.

This breaks my heart , i really feel shes breaking up with me , i saw her status update something about not looking back ever again . I DONT KNOW WHAT I HAVE DONE , she wont even tell me anything.

Its heartbreaking.

I woke up everyday , see if shes replying , call her a few times , but to no avail :(

I go to work , i feel sad dude , i just feel really sad. i feel like staying in bed , not doing anything and just be sad :(

Then all this sad song keep on playing on the radio whenever i come back from work , or when im in the office :(

it couldn't get any worse.

Everytime i check my phone , i cant stop thinking about her. I found out that she unfriended me on fb , privat-ED all her social media acc , so i cant see anymore updates , or really know whats going on.

So if you're are reading this , at least if you're really breaking up with me , tell me. Leaving me like this ,its brutal. Dont do this.

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