Thursday, March 31, 2016

i miss her

i would be lying if i said i don't miss her at all. i dreamed about her last night dude , it was so rough , she was angry me.

it's just rough , i feel so lifeless these days , work haven't been so good as well. .

i tried to talk , express how i feel , to my family to my friends , but this kind of situation no one really understands.

she wouldn't even talk to me now , i tried to text her , but there was no replies.

and then whenever i lie down on my bed , thinking ways so that we can get back together , and then it hit me, she was never going to talk to me again . she is not coming back.

you know i look out of my window , thinking this is all a dream , a mere joke , that once i wake up the next day , everything is going to be alright , but it's not.

i miss you babe, i'm sorry this happened


Anonymous said...

Miss you too

Afiq said...

who are you ?

Anonymous said...

A mistake. As you said.