Saturday, March 26, 2016

Never again.

sometimes we trusted people too much , a little bit of too much .

you gave everything , and she gave you shits ,tons of shits , tons of fucking bullshit crap shit.

was i wrong ? i tried my bestest to make time , i try to make money , i try my best so that we can stay together .

all i ever wanted was you to stay with me , stay strong.

in the end , i hoped too much , and this is what i get.

you dont need to explain more , stop with all the lies.

you were already leaving from the moment you avoid me

i see no more effort , you said you had no time , you were busy doing all the chores

yet you have time for that fucking guy , even fucking posted his fucking picture

your cousin friend ? FUCK YOU !

it was so clear , you were just waiting for the next guy to hop in

i was so wrong , i should have just trusted what my friends told me

you were nothing but a selfish lies.

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